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Our K9 security services are dedicated to keeping people, premises and valuables safe, our dogs are highly experienced in working in a variety of environments such as concerts, festivals, airports and schools.

Whether it be detection dogs or guard dogs you are looking for, here at IK9 we have all the dog security services you could need. Choosing to have a highly experienced, specially trained guard dog patrolling your site, can improve security and reduce any cost against multiple static guards.

Fully trained guard dogs and handlers.
A force multiplier.
An effective deterrent to would be criminals.
Improve your company's security prescence

Crimeguard - The Complete Security Package

Strategic Security | Research | Planning | Implementation | Continuation

Our response service provides:

A security dog handler with a highly trained security dog make an unbeatable combination.

There are many benefits a skilled team can bring to a strategic security operation, such as:


The dog can use its heightened senses to scent, see or hear intruders or hidden persons 


By displaying controlled aggression and standing its ground, the dog can protect both security personnel and premises at the same time


The threat of the animal enables suspects to be detained until arrival of law enforcement 


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