CrimeGuard Internatonal / K9 Division

Our professionally trained licensed handlers, together with our trained security dogs, make an unbeatable combination to protect your assets and interests. There are many benefits a skilled team can bring to a strategic security operation. The dog can use its heightened senses to scent, see or hear intruders or hidden persons, plus the threat of the animal enables suspects to be detained until arrival of law enforcement. This offers an excellent deterrent to make your would-be attackers ’shop’ elsewhere!

Our training standards are based on ‘best practice standards of UK Police canine training and we are accredited with both NASDU and BIPDT, two of the highest K9 training authorities in the UK.

CrimeGuard International have several Explosive Detection Dog Teams which are ready to be deployed at one hour's notice, for Explosive Search Operations that include, Assessment of Bomb Threats, Building search, Route Search, Vehicle Search, Area Search and Baggage Search.

All our EDD Teams have been trained to the British police standard and have undertaken the same eight week course, also our teams took the same ACPO test and all have had to pass this test to become a CrimeGuard EDD Search Handler.

CrimeGuard will give details of our available teams to any Bona Fide organisations who may need to use our services. Our teams all have training records and dogs are chipped and easily identified to show their veracity.

Our Dogs in Action