Wireless Surveillance at its Best

CrimeGuard International brings you the latest in cost effective security for your premises in the form of IP CCTV and sensor Surveillance.

i-TEC instantly detects any intruders on your site and tracks their every movement whilst alerting our canine response team who will be at your site within minutes making sure the intruder is forced to remain where he is until the arrival of the police.

i-TEC is a technologically advanced system that integrates seamlessly and silently with good old physical security, providing you with the best of both worlds at a fantastic price.

i-TECS’s wireless detector sensors and cameras can protect any site compound, building or outlying area. The system is monitored 24/7, 365 days a year.  As well as our alarm response teams, i-TEC can co-ordinate with security patrols and even validate their attendance.

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